Transaction services and tendering

”Sami has worked as a Product Owner and led our Oma Trafi and Oma asiointi transaction services in an exemplary manner, as well as worked as an expert in technology tendering.”

Web services and websites

”Sami has actively managed sites and website projects as a Product Owner and drawn up the technical plans for our communication development.”


”Sami has worked for us as a Caruna + project manager, developer of Agile, and participated in our development planning (DevOps). I recommend Sam for similar tasks.”


”Sami has worked as a project manager on nearshore projects and acted as a supply and development auditor – I recommend Sami for similar positions.”


”Sami has worked as an experienced project manager in the receivables management ERP project – I recommend Sami for similar tasks”


“I have been collaborating with Sami on the agile development of Caruna’s digital services and Sami was responsible for the day-to-day management of the development team as a Scrum master. I can recommend Sam for a similar position ”

Healthcare industry & knowledge based management

”Together with Sami, we have developed a healthcare data warehouse and Sami has worked flexibly and with a positive attitude as a project and product manager – I recommend Sami for a similar position.”